How To Enlarge Lips Naturally And Permanently
How To Enlarge Lips Naturally And Permanently

At the moment when Angelina Jolie rose to fame, more than two decades ago, everyone wondered if she had been born with such full lips or if she had a trick hidden up her sleeve. The truth is that having a thin mouth can cause some insecurity, wanting to look more seductive or provocative. However, there are different tricks for you to give the illusion that they are more filled than they really are.

Mainly, Miguel Álvarez, makeup artist of a well-known brand of cosmetics, shares, “The correct process to increase the size of the lip, only with the use of the lipstick, is to use a brush to outline the contour and fill in with it, trying that it is a not very dark color and a little showy to obtain a effect of greater volume”.

With a lip liner you can also achieve a good volume effect, in the same way as with the lipstick, only it is easier, since the contour of the lips is drawn easily and more accurately. The pencil should be a lighter color than the lipstick if you want them to look thicker, because if it is darker the opposite will be achieved, according to the expert.

Álvarez also suggests, “The gloss is a perfect ally to get more volume because the optical effect will make your lips look thicker. For more volume, you can add a second layer of gloss in the center of the lower lip.”

As it was seen a few years ago, matte lipsticks are a good ally to achieve visually thicker lips, the trick is to use different shades, the lighter in the center and the darker towards the corners, giving a nice gradient style.

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You should pay attention to the tones, if you have thin lips to avoid dark ones, like wine or purple ones, these are only indicated for normal or thicker ones, since they manage to bring the focus of attention to them.

Having a good beauty routine is necessary, “It is very important to keep your lips well cared for and hydrated daily. To improve the circulation of these, it is important to exfoliate them weekly to eliminate dead particles and protect them daily from external agents such as the sun, the wind… This way you will not age and you will get great results “advises the make-up artist.

Also, there is another secret to get an excellent finish, with the help of a brush, outline the edge of the lips with a concealer a lighter shade than the base that surrounds them, so they will look more bulky.

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