Tricks choose a baby running cart
Tricks choose a baby running cart

Taking advantage of the fact that today is Mother’s Day and that more and more women athletes who decide to take their children when they train, we will give you some tricks to choose the ideal baby cart to run. Perhaps it is one of the physical activities most practiced by mothers to recover their figure after childbirth or, even, to put the sport bug to their children.

It is very possible that you have seen both mothers and fathers carry a baby cart in popular races. Not only must be careful not to disturb the rest of the participants, but the cart must be able to hold rolling a series of kilometers. Take good note of our tips to choose the right one.

Pays attention to security systems

It will not be enough for our child’s trolley to be controlled by us. It is important that you have a safety strap to keep the child well protected and prevent the car from moving too far if it gets out of hand. You can put the strap on your waist or on your wrist.

Of course, you can not miss a harness system that ensures that a new child will not be getting up from the seat at risk of falling. It is quite important if we do the race or the hiking route in places with uneven terrain.

And for more safety, choose that cart that contains a hand brake to keep it quiet when it stops. Check it before releasing the car completely, especially if you are in slopes.

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Suitable tires

Just like you would not ride a bike with any tire, with the trolleys the same thing happens. You need to pay special attention to the tires, since anyone will not endure 8 kilometers in a row. Even many will prick if they do not have special wheels.
It is recommended that they contain three wheels and that it be all terrain.

Modified storage basket and seat

Having a seat that you can modify and recline at will, will be a good choice to attend to the comfort of the baby. If your child is sleeping, it will be a good idea to take him lying down; On the other hand, if you are awake, you will like to observe the landscape.
If you also get the stroller has an awning, you will be ensuring that your child is protected from weather conditions such as cold air or intense sun.

Do not forget to choose a car with the option to add a basket to store the necessary things of a baby and, even, your bottle of water or energy gels.

Bet on certified brands

Do not let yourself be guided by a cheap price. Make sure that the brand has a special certificate so you can play sports with it.

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