Energy tricks start Day
Energy tricks start Day

There are seasons in which we can feel that facing the day with energy makes us uphill. Factors such as seasonal changes, for example, can interfere with our mood. If this is your case, in addition to taking a complete diet and making sure you do not miss any vitamins, there are some tricks you can carry out.

Tips to increase your energy in good morning

1. Drink water early

After giving your body the necessary rest after approximately 8 hours of restful sleep, drink a good glass of water. Your body needs to be activated to have energy and hydration is the first step for it. If, in addition, you introduce a few drops of lemon juice, you will be activating the metabolism and, at the same time, contributing to the purification of it. It is important that you take these steps as a habit and do not give up on the second day. In this case the benefits will not be too obvious and you will throw in the towel too soon.

2. Shower, cold water?

There are those who prefer to shower at night, to relax the body before sleeping and promote a dream as effective as possible. However, doing it early in the morning is an excellent option if you notice that you lack energy to face the day. It is not necessary that you are 20 minutes taking a shower with cold water. Do it normally and, before leaving, hold for a few minutes with the freshest water ending with a jet of cold water. In addition to presenting many advantages for your circulatory system and as an invigorating, wake up and active without any doubt. After a jet of cold water, you will be full of vitality.

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3. Full breakfast

Try not to eat too much sugary foods in your breakfasts, like cereals. Although they give you energy at first, you will notice a good slump by midmorning. Choose to introduce nuts or natural cereals without sugar, such as oats, puffed rice or corn flakes…

4. Coffee or infusion

If you are one of those who drink coffee, it is a good option first thing in the morning. However, if you do not like it or want to replace it, a good option is to take infusions such as green tea or other varieties. These are stimulating and are natural, so they will not hurt you. Keep in mind that you should not abuse, whether you choose to drink coffee as an infusion, always moderately.

5. Revitalizing sun

If you have the opportunity to have breakfast in the sun, or to expose yourself for a few minutes in the morning, you will notice how your battery recharges. So, if you are so lucky to receive a good morning sun, get the vitamin D that gives you and eat the day!

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