Megapurga Tiwtter
Megapurga Tiwtter

After days of rumors about a mega purga on Twitter to give the biggest blow the platform has made to apocryphal accounts, the social network born in San Francisco confirmed that starting today will begin to suspend and eliminate millions of their accounts in order to provide their real users with an accurate and accurate number of followers and followers.

According to several reports, the number of suspended accounts could reach 70 million, practically 20% of its user base that exceeded 330 million last April. It is not the first time that Twitter perform clean, but it will be the most significant.

Although the number of casualties was not revealed by Twitter, they released a statement confirming that there will be mass casualties as part of “global efforts to build and promote healthy conversations.” They also warned that the number of followers in the accounts of several users can fall, in some cases significantly (eye “influencers”).

What accounts are in your sights?

The obvious answer is bots and spam accounts, but Twitter makes more specific causes to be removed.

  • Sudden changes in the behavior of an account. It can be blocked or ask for confirmation from the user.
  • If the combination of the e-mail and password has been published by other online services and we believe that this information may compromise the security of the account.
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How to recognize spam accounts or bots?

Spam accounts (sometimes called bot accounts) typically exhibit behavior with specific characteristics from the beginning, and are increasingly predictable by Twitter systems, allowing them to use their new technology to automatically suspend them.

Spam and bot users are distinguished by the sudden change in their behavior. Many times they tend to tweet a large number of unsolicited responses or mentions, tweet erroneous links, or if a large number of users block the account after being mentioned by it.

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