Train with music
Train with music

It is quite rare to find athletes who go out without a headset to train. Although we should take advantage of the sounds of nature or the city (why not?), A recent study reveals that there is better sport performance in those people who listen to music while training. Do you want to know how your favorite songs affect positively?

More music, more distance

This has been determined by a study conducted by scientists at the Tech University of Texas, and presented at the meeting of the American College of Cardiology (Orlando). According to the research, music is able to help us increase the distances we travel in training.

To reach this conclusion, a group of adults with a similar clinical history was studied and they were asked to run on treadmills to perform the Bruce test. In case you do not know what we are talking about, this test increases the speed and inclination of the tape every three minutes.
There were those who listened to music while undergoing the test, with the favorable result that they endured almost another minute (55 seconds). This test is quite hard, so those seconds of more are of honor mention.

Specifically, they used Latin music since most of the participants were Latino. Although I strongly agree (and I give faith) that the music with Latin rhythms encourages to last a little longer.

Listening to your favorite songs could improve your performance

A few months ago we brought you the advantages and disadvantages of running with music. Because yes, although it can increase our distance traveled, there are some disadvantages that do not make it the best option.

  Static or road bike?

You must be aware of a good technique before throwing yourself into the street like a madman. Your cadence, your breathing and even your awareness of fatigue and pain can be overshadowed by the distraction of your brain. When you play sports in silence (or without music that isolates you), you are much more aware of your environment and your body.

I assure you that there are many amateur athletes who have not heard their breathing while running.

However, here we leave you some of the music lists that will motivate you in your career. Although you know, there is no better music than the Latin to train.

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