1A riot police officer fires his shotgun for two men during a protest against the government of the president of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega in Managua, Nicaragua

A riot police officer fires his shotgun for two men

2Muslims around the world are marking the month of Ramadan, Pakistan

3A real estate estate that is in the “list of ghettos” of the Danish government in Copenhagen, Denmark

4A Tibetan Buddhist monk with traditional costumes hopes to dance rites on Vesak Day in Ipoh, Malaysia

5Construction in the city of ParanĂ¡, in the subway of Manila, the Philippines

6Aerial view of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, United States

7Stanley Cup final against Washington Capitals at T-Mobile Arena in Vegas, United States

8Walls next to the road to Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan

9Pollution in the financial district of Lujiazui in Shanghai, China

10It washes in the middle of the Pohoiki highway near the 132 freeway, near Pahoa, Hawaii, the United States

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