Tips to choose dress
Tips to choose dress

No matter what type of body we have, there are things that simply do not favor us that much, so here we will tell you what kind of dress suits each type of body best .


If your shoulders are somewhat rounded and you are more voluminous in the center… the dresses empire court and the princess will be great.


If your shoulders are narrower than your hips, the best dresses for you are those with straight neck, strapless and packaged.


If your shoulders, your waist and your hips are more or less the same measures, the best dresses for you are the mermaid and the princess ones.


If your shoulders and hips are of the same size and your waist is smaller… straight dresses with a heart cut are the best option for you.

Remember that nothing is better than security, feel totally free to wear the dresses you want, but we hope these tips are super useful.

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