First Class Yoga Tips
First Class Yoga Tips

If you have already reported the amount of benefits of yoga and have decided to start, I’m sure this post interests you. Yoga is a lifestyle that goes through physical practice, diet and other daily patterns with which to achieve internal balance. Here are some tips for your first day.

Facing the first day, in any discipline, is not easy. We feel insecure because we do not dominate the field in which we are going to introduce ourselves. However, it is also the positive part: to find something new that awakens those healthy nerves and curiosity. Sometimes we fear not having enough level to follow the activity or feel lost and not be able to finish.

Although yoga is a relatively quiet activity, it does not mean that you have to know how to do it all the first day. In fact, you will encounter some blockages or moments of difficulty. But who said that it has to be easy? That at first it costs us a little more, it is nothing more than the evidence that we are going to progressively improve and become a better version of ourselves. Be clear that yoga will bring you peace of mind; it will help you balance physically, mentally and emotionally; and to become aware of yourself and your fears in order to fight them.

Tips for your first day of yoga

Come to class in advance

If you arrive at the class at the scheduled time or when a few minutes pass, the rest of the classmates will already be in the room, they will have warmed up and you are likely to feel more uncomfortable entering. If you still do not know where the mats are, the procedure followed by the teacher, or teacher, or there is no space left in the class… you will find yourself lost and you will not enjoy the dynamics as much as you should.


If, on the other hand, you arrive with time, you will have the opportunity to meet the teacher, find the necessary material, find a good location in the room and, in addition, you can start to warm up the muscles to give the best of you.

The location in the room

If you have followed the first advice, you have arrived early to class and have had the opportunity to choose where to establish your site, try to do it by the first rows, near the teacher. Although at the beginning we tend to get as far as possible, back, stuck to the back wall, this is a mistake. If we try to be close to the instructor we can have a greater visibility and follow the dynamics with more certainty. If we are in the last rows we will not see anything and we will feel even more lost. When you enter class, leave out the shame.

Adherent socks?

As the practice of yoga has become fashionable, many accessories and utensils have come out to complement your classes. However, using, for example, adhesive socks or gloves, is not entirely helpful. If you think you will feel more comfortable using them, do not hesitate for it. However, we advise you to take off your socks and practice barefoot. So you can feel the contact with the floor or the mat and feel more rooted in space. Try it without fear and decide how you feel most comfortable.

Allow yourself to be the new

Sometimes we are used to being good in our discipline, or in any branch of life, and we do not allow ourselves to be new. Nobody is born learned and it is the most normal thing in the world to go lost the first day. Do not get obsessed with the idea of ​​not being able to keep up with the teacher. Not with not having enough flexibility or going behind your teammates. Little by little you will notice a super evident improvement and you will feel like you start to dominate the practice.

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