Tips Steam Cooking properly
Tips Steam Cooking properly

Steaming is a very healthy way to do it. In this way, you will achieve that the foods retain all their nutrients and the beneficial aspects for your organism. In addition, it is very simple, fast and your kitchen will be clean instantly, since you do not need too many utensils.

Tips for steam cooking in a simple way

The tools

Using the right container is essential so that food can be cooked through steam. Therefore, you should find a metal basket that has small holes. The food is introduced into it and this, in turn, inside the pot.

Water in the pot

Before filling the basket with the holes in the pot, fill it with water. It is important that you check that the water does not touch the food container. It is preferable that you take this aspect into account before assembling, since, if you get distracted, the food will end up floating!

The pot with lid

It is obvious that, if we do not cover the pot, we can hardly retain the steam that manages to leave the food as we wish. So keep in mind that these are the three tools that you will need to steam cook: the pot, the perforated container and the lid. You must remember not to be too impatient and continually unclog the pot. Do not be curious and let the food go well.

Keep the flavor

Many believe that steaming is a rather bland result and this is not true. Through this technique, the food retains its authentic natural flavor. Therefore, be sure to buy fresh and in good condition, since you will eat it in the most natural way possible.

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If you still think that the result will be something insipid, nobody says that you can not add some spices to give a greater flavor to the food. But we recommend you do not anticipate. If you have never tried steaming, experiment until you find the recipes that you like the most.

With steamer?

If you have already become fond of this way of cooking, because you have seen that food retains its flavor and nutrients; because it seems like a quick, simple and clean way to do it; And because you’ve realized how versatile it can be, it’s time that you know something. There are steamers with several containers in which you can enter different food groups, by sections, and cook well, like a real professional.

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