6 tips for running with heat
Tips Running Heat Arrival

The running is a practice with many benefits to physical and mental level. Those who practice it, alone, as a couple or as a group, make it an authentic way of life. And it is that going for a run is still one of the star activities for those who take care of themselves. However, with the arrival of heat, it is worth considering some considerations. Remember that training in a safe way is essential for your good health and for the results to be as expected.

With the arrival of good weather, the days become more cheerful and the streets are filled with people. Running is a widespread activity popularly and, therefore, it is not uncommon to see many athletes running. However, any activity that takes place with the rise in temperatures, must follow some preventive measures to practice it in a safe way.

4 Aspects to consider when running

1. The clothes

The arrival of heat is the enemy of many runners. However, this should not be an excuse to leave the practice aside. Dressing properly can make a difference in comfort when performing the exercise.

Not only is it important to introduce short-sleeved shirts or suspenders, and shorts, but fabrics also count. Avoid cotton garments and look for them as cool and comfortable as possiblePolyester fabrics, breathable, that expel sweat, would be ideal. The shoes should also be very comfortable and lightweight, with breathable materials, as well as some suitable socks. Use sunglasses and a visor, or cap,  to protect your head from the sun, thus preventing your temperature from rising in this area.

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2. The moment

Try to avoid the hottest moments, between twelve noon and five in the afternoon . Ideally, it would be early in the morning or late in the afternoon . As summer arrives and, with it, the rise in temperatures, it will be more important that you take this factor into account.

3. Hydration

It is vitally important that you stay well hydrated and do not overlook this point. It would be advisable to drink water before, during and after training.

4. Listen to your body

It is essential that you take care of yourself and know how to meet the demands of your body. It’s great that you decide to continue with your workouts, despite the arrival of the heat. However, if someday you do not feel good to start the march, change your career for another activity. In the same way, if you go running and you notice that the temperature of your body is very high, that you are having a hard time resisting or that you feel fatigued or dizzy, you should stop and continue walking slowly or even stop. Practicing exercise with responsibility is the first rule in any sport.

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