Accident YouTubers die
Accident YouTubers die

An adventure to Canada ended in a tragedy for the YouTubers Alexey Andríyovich Lyakh, his girlfriend Megan Scraper and his friend Charles Ryker Gamble.

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The goal of his channel was to explore the world and inspire his followers to venture. His account on Instagram is called “High On Life” and already had more than 1 million followers. The bloggers who achieved fame thanks to their impressive publications and videos on travel and exotic destinations died last Tuesday, July 3.

Alexey, Megan and Charles were in the Shannon Falls, when by accident all three fell from a height equivalent to 10 floors, according to the authorities…

“They entered one of the pool systems that are there to go swimming and three of them were walking along the edge of where the pool would be and at that moment they slipped and fell.” revealed Sascha Banks.

The cameraman posted on Facebook the following…

“I saw how nature took the lives of three of my closest friends, it was one of the most heartbreaking situations in which I participated.”

Unfortunately, their bodies were found Tuesday night, but were washed away by the current from noon. The forensic and authorities are investigating if they were recording a video for their social networks. Different users immediately showed their condolences through messages…

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“Actually, this could happen to any of us, however tragic and heartbreaking it may be, it will serve as a lesson for all: be safe in your travels.”

“A group of beautiful, incredibly talented people who were living their lives to the fullest, I’m sorry”, published another.

“Your positive energy helped improve this world”


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