Chalk thought bubble
Chalk thought bubble

The 25-year-old is the beginning of a brain crisis. Deep changes follow one another, the stage changes, the immature brain is left behind and a new path towards the decline begins.

Next, three of these most important changes after turning 25 (approximately).

1. You go slower

The cognitive agility begins to slow down, especially if we refer to the ability to identify patterns. Earlier this year, the researchers asked participants between the ages of 9 and 91 to play seemingly random games, such as coin tosses and dice.

The results, published in the journal PLOS Computational Biology, show that after age 25 the ability to identify these patterns begins to diminish. This deceleration is not necessarily negative. Wisdom is not based on speed, exclusively.

2. You plan better

Although your cognitive agility is reduced, the prefrontal cortex is more formed, which translates into better risk management and capacity for long-term planning.

That is, your brain is more mature, because, while the parts of the brain that control basic functions such as eating, sleeping and breathing are more or less formed in the uterus, the prefrontal cortex (the seat of executive decision making) It takes much more time to develop .

3. You become less permeable

It is a sociological obviousness, but it has also been confirmed at the neurological level: with age, it is more difficult for us to change, we are less permeable, we adopt more unwavering positions.

In 2006, a meta-analysis of 92 personality studies published in Psychological Bulletin showed that our openness to other people and ideas tends to disappear as we get older. The reason is not fully understood, but probably has to do with the fact that once you have had many experiences, you become quite sure about what you think and what you have seen.

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All this does not mean that we can not be, after 25, faster, better planners and more permeable. Only, statistically, we should try harder to be all that.

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