Patently Apple
Patently Apple

As is logical and seeing that it is one of the most attractive components of the terminal, Apple wants to squeeze more and more the cameras of their iPhone to continue gaining ground to the competition. And a patent discovered by Patently Apple lets us glimpse a new feature that could be the sea of ​​interest: the ability to record a video simultaneously from two different zooms.

That would be possible in all those phones that have dual cameras: the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. As each of these cameras has a different zoom, what we could do is record two independent videos at the same time (focusing the same but each on its zoom) to then be able to generate a single combined video.

The evolution of video montages in slow motion

So, once we have recorded this type of video, an interface in iOS would allow us to mount a single video on the fly in which we would be the ones who would decide when to use a zoom or another. Quite the style of what we can do now with the recordings in slow motion, without going any further.

This would be an advantage reserved only for phones with dual cameras, so we could talk about the function as something rather premium for those who make the investment to buy one of the iPhone with the largest screen. Or maybe all the new generation of the phone that we will see in a few months will already have that double camera as a standard? It would be good news, of course.

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