Nanny's Elbow
Nanny’s Elbow

How many times did you not hear your grandmother talking about this? Well, we are sorry to say that you were absolutely right, you must be very careful with the sudden movements you make with children, remember that your bones are soft and that your body is still in the process of formation. A sudden movement like this can cause a painful injury to the child. Learn in the article how to treat it and ways to prevent it from happening!

At we love children, and we like to share all kinds of information for the benefit of their health and well-being. That is why we have prepared this article for you. Read it until the end, surely there are very common things that you did not imagine could hurt your son.

What is the “nanny’s elbow” injury?

There are many everyday situations that make us involuntarily end up pulling sharply on the arm of a child: when you take him to play at the park and play the plane, when you put him on the supermarket cart, when the child makes a “tantrum” and you have to lift him off the ground , or just to cross a street. Without realizing it, you may be causing an injury that is quite painful and very common in children from 1 to 5 years old. It is the “babysitter’s elbow” or dislocation of the elbow.

How is it diagnosed?

It is easy to identify this type of injury in children, basically because it is so painful that you will not be able to bend your arm and probably will not stop crying. In this case, you should go immediately to a doctor, where they will surely make the assessment that diagnoses the injury. Most likely, the treating physician will perform a maneuver to put the ligament back in place. In most cases, it is not necessary to immobilize the child’s arm, unless the pain does not go away and the injury reoccurs.

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What to do in case of dislocation of a child’s elbow?

In these cases, the most important thing is that you do not try under any circumstances to try to accommodate your arm in an abrupt way because it can be more serious and painful for the child. As we said before, in most cases, it is solved with a simple maneuver, but it must be treated by a trauma specialist, because if this procedure is done incorrectly, you can worsen the child’s injury.

Tips not to injure your child involuntarily:

There are millions of ways to care for our children, but there are some recommendations that you may have thought were not so important, but that, if you follow them, they can avoid headaches for you and serious injuries to your child’s bones:

  • Remember that there are thousands of alternative games with which you can have fun with your child without causing harm, be careful with pulling their arms or hands; instead, you can grab it from your armpits, or directly from your body so you do not hurt it.
  • If the child does not want to walk, or has a small “tantrum” on the street, remember to handle it calmly. If you jerk your son’s arm sharply, all you’ll get is for him to resist and cause an injury to his elbow or wrist. You can choose to load it while you are in a suitable place and give it time for him to calm down, so you will see that it does not attract your attention and you will not have to run to the doctor with him either.
  • Teach your son to cross the street with you, show him the importance of being attentive and calm. Do not ever pull your wrist to cross the street, if you do not reach, it is better to wait a bit so you do not have a bad time with the health of your child.
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However, if your child unfortunately already suffered this type of injury, it is very important that you are attentive and avoid any involuntary movement with him, since he will have more chances of relapsing in this type of injuries than other children.

It is important to highlight that, although this type of injuries are frequent in children under 5 years, regardless of age, all children deserve absolutely all the care and preventive measures for their welfare and health. Be patient, it will not be small all your life!

Was the information in this article useful? Have you been through similar injuries with your children? Tell us your opinion and experiences in the comments section! Do not forget to share this valuable information with all your friends!

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