Stormi Webster Kylie Jenner's daughter
Stormi Webster Kylie Jenner’s daughter

The arrival of Stormi has caused great changes in the life of Kylie Jenner

The star loves being a mother; However, there are things about motherhood that have turned out to be super complicated for Kylie, and it has to do with her social life, because being a full-time mom makes it impossible for Kylie’s social life to be the same as before.

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie hates not having a more active social life, but also has to leave Stormi alone to attend her social commitments, such as the next birthday of one of her BFF.

“Kylie is so upset, Stormi is her world, she almost never gets away from her side and honestly does not want to come out this weekend for Stassi’s birthday and she’s already stressed out about leaving Stormi Kylie apparently not only loves being with Stormi Every minute that she spends awakening, she is also constantly exhausted, since being a new mother is especially exhausting, it is also something that her friends can not identify with yet.

In addition to leaving Stormi, she is worried that she will not have the energy to get as wild as Stassi wants. It’s something she’s struggling with these days, just for being in a world so different from her friends. None of them has children, they can stay outside and celebrate all night and sleep all day. But Kylie has to think about Stormi now, her priorities have changed a lot”: The media stated.

In addition Kylie fears being seen as a bad mother, she wants to keep in touch with her friends and go out with them to have fun, but she does not want to neglect Stormi either and unless people think she is negligent just because she is a young mother.

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Poor Kylie! We are sure that it should not be easy to be a mother when she is so young, what do you think?

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