Feeding animals in their natural habitat is usually not a bad idea, unless it is a shark and you want to feed it directly into the mouth. To this woman in Australia the idea has come to her face, although fortunately she was saved from being much worse.

Melissa Brunning, originally from the Australian city of Perth, had the idea of ​​feeding a shark of considerable size directly in her mouth. The next thing that happened is just what you imagine. Did someone expect something else to happen?

Brunning attempted to feed a tawny nurse shark from a boat in an Australian bay. These sharks can reach a size of up to 3.20 meters, although the one that was found with this Australian woman was not so big, only measured 2.20 meters. This species is not usually aggressive, but even so, Brunning recognizes that what he did was irresponsible.

Fortunately, the meeting did not cost so much. Brunning says he felt as if he had ripped off his finger with all the bones, but the doctors only diagnosed a fracture of the index finger and a torn ligament.

For Brunning this is a lesson learned. “It’s not the shark’s fault, this is not a shark attack, I just did something stupid,” he told Perth Now, after acknowledging that in the water humans are not in control, let alone at the top of the food chain.

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If you want to feed wild animals, it is better to do it with great care and without getting too close to them, only what is necessary. Otherwise it can happen to you as to Brunning, or as to this boy who tried to caress a wild elephant while eating, another bad idea.

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