The dress chosen by Natalia Vodianova to deliver the World Cup
The dress chosen by Natalia Vodianova to deliver the World Cup

Natalia Vodianova has been commissioned, along with footballer Philip Lahm, to deliver the cup at the Muscovite Luzhnikí stadium. Both transported the trophy in a beautiful case designed and made by the firm Louis Vuitton. The internationally known Russian model was postulated as one of the most representative profiles to perform such an emotional task. In addition the final was won by France, a country with which she has a lot of relationship since her husband, Antoine Arnault, one of the great French fortunes, was born in Roubaix.

For this occasion, Natalia Vodianova opted for a beautiful Louis Vuitton dress created with a fabric of copper colored palettes . In the design we can see a perkins neck, defended in the best way, and a skirt full of ruffles of the same fabric that feels really good. For such an event, good jewels could not be missing, this time from Chopard. The only mistake we find in the look are those complicated shoes, which do not really work well with the rest of the clothes.

Why Natalia can not touch the glass?

According to FIFA regulations, the only ones authorized to come into contact with this football icon are those who have been consecrated world champions and heads of state. For this reason we never saw Natalia Vodianova play such a trophy.

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