It’s official, WhatsApp now is willing to stop how fake news and spam in the platform, and to start your fight has made official and available to everyone the option to identify when a message has been resent.

This feature was already available for a few weeks, even here in Unocero we tell you about it, however, at the moment it could only be used by Android beta users, but now it is an official function for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

How does the labeling of forwarded messages work?

Well, basically now that we get a message we can identify if it has been written by the user who sent it to us, or if it has been forwarded from another chat, how ?, then in the upper left of the message will appear the “Forwarded” “If it has not been written by the person who sends it.

The company publishes in its blog that they are deeply concerned about security, and that they recommend users not to share fake messages, inviting them to analyze the information before sharing it, in this way it can reduce the amount of spam and fake news that abound. on the platform.

Will it really work?

I do not want to be negative, but obviously this tool is not going to end this problem, however, it is to applaud that WhatsApp starts working to solve this type of situation. Although on the other hand I think we would expect a much more effective proposal from one of the most powerful companies in the world such as Facebook, who owns WhatsApp.

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It is assumed that when you see that a message has been forwarded you can doubt the truth of the message, although the reality is that I doubt that many users pay attention to this type of detail.

On the other hand, if the user copies the content of the message and pastes it in the text box and then sends it, it will appear as an original message, so here the process that has implemented WhatsApp is mocked.

Still, we should not ignore that the fake news on WhatsApp has already claimed the lives of innocent people in India, and the application is investing some millions of dollars to stop this problem, or at least, significantly reduce the flow.

Now available for everyone

The function is already being gradually deployed to all users of Android and iOS, and will soon reach the Windows Phone, all they have to do is update the application to the latest version and wait for the function to be active from the servers. Whatsapp.

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