The OPPO Find X camera works
The OPPO Find X camera works

The fourth largest manufacturer worldwide, OPPO, is no longer unknown. Between its imminent arrival in Spain and the launch of new technologies and devices, the company is beginning to gain a foothold in the market outside the Great Wall.

Just a few weeks ago, the manufacturer unveiled its new OPPO Find X, a terminal that takes advantage of the front regardless of the famous notch. As it does? Based on a sliding system that hides or launches the cameras . Now from the web MyFixGuide have revealed what is the operation of this “periscope”.

A chassis independent of the rest

According to show us from MyFixGuide the process of cutting the phone is as simple as that of other terminals (although it will not be so much finding spare parts), but when taking off the back they were surprised that the mechanism that moves the camera is completely independent from the rest of the phone.

The operation is based on a small motor located in the center that slides up and down the two ends of the sliding chassis that incorporates the cameras. From the page they have created a gif in which we can see in more detail how the system works in the nude.

The dismantling of the terminal also shows the good work of compaction of this chassis, which in its small size houses both the rear cameras, as the front camera, face recognition sensors and a speaker. The fact that it is a piece in constant motion may worry users in the face of possible failures due to use, but OPPO says that the system is ready to launch the chassis up to 300,000 times.


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