Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber
Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber

Since starting his musical career, Shawn Mendes has been compared to Justin Bieber!

Justin and Shawn are composers, singers, Canadians, and started their career on social networks! That’s why many fans have not been able to stop comparing them.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Shawn confessed how he feels with these constant comparisons with Justin and you will be surprised to learn that he feels super flattered.

“One thing that people may not know about me is how much I admire Bieber, I do not think I’ve ever really told him that he was my main inspiration for what I wanted to do.

I learned each of his songs by heart. He taught me to do riff and sing. So, every time someone compares me to Bieber, I always say ‘that’s the best compliment you can give me.’

Cute! We love that Shawn feels so much admiration for Justin and that he takes comparisons so well with his compatriot.

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