The Crew 2
The Crew 2

If you are looking for a racing game in which realism prevails, of course ‘The Crew 2’ is not your game. But, in return, Ubisoft proposes to take the four major motor disciplines to the limit with the same intensity with which one lives in the United States.

A task that is not simple, of course, however Ubisoft had several advantages in its favor: the experience with the original ‘The Crew’, its 12 million players and the crazy idea of taking advantage of the sequel to take the races by land sea ​​and air. Eye, with the option to alternate medium even at 42 thousand feet in height. Why not?

And to warm up the engines for the launch, the Ivory Tower team discovers the inspiration and culture of the North American engine through a new video.

‘The Crew 2’ wants to stand out from the rest of alternatives creating its own path and offering motor enthusiasts enough tools to squeeze their city to the fullest, either competing with each other or traversing it from end to end in the way that seems most fun.

Something that, by the way, we can test very soon.

The Crew 2: contents and dates to your closed beta

Records for the closed beta of ‘The Crew 2’ are now open. As in previous betas of the French studio, it will be enough to access the web, have a Ubisoft account and choose to choose the platform: PS4, Xbox One or PC.

From there, an email will arrive to the selected ones, giving access to the first hours of the game from May 31 to June 4.

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But what can we expect from this beta in terms of content? From the start we will have the whole world open without loading times or barriers, we can travel freely or through four disciplines to dominate

  • Street Racing
  • Powerboat
  • Rally Raid
  • Aerobatics

In fact, the most interesting thing is that as we gain fame we will unlock the full range of vehicles in the game, although we can also take advantage of race and race to test personalization, one of the essential aspects of the experience.

inally, Ubisoft has promised an exclusive reward for participating in the closed beta: an exclusive leather jacket that will be available from the inventory of the full version of the game from the day of release.

‘The Crew 2’ will go on sale next June 29 on PCs and consoles, although those who bet on the editions Motor Edition and Gold Edition will have three days of early access.

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