Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana
Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus will never be able to leave Hannah Montana in the past…

This Disney Channel character was the beginning of everything for her, and during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Miley confessed how she remembers her first audition for Hannah Montana.

“OK, there’s a very thin line between accumulating and collecting things, so I keep things in boxes, for example, I’ve saved, for maybe 15 years, a package of Southwest Airlines peanuts, they’re still in the package, so that’s collect.

They represent the beginning of this life, I was on my way to Los Angeles for the first audition of Hannah Montana. I think my dad was there, he in first class and I in a seat. He told me that he would toss a peanut from his section. I answered ‘I already have mine’ and that was it, I kept it with me forever. When I need to remember where everything began, I check my memory box.”

What a beautiful anecdote! Maybe it was not all rosy while it was Hannah Montana, but we are sure that Miley will always be grateful with this endearing character, do not you think?

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