Gigi Hadid love Zayn Malik
Gigi Hadid love Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid has called for a halt to all negative comments against her relationship with Zayn Malik

Zayn-Malik in Gigi Hadid's department
Zayn-Malik in Gigi Hadid’s department

Recently Gigi has had to face some haters who are against his relationship with Zayn and again raised his voice to defend their relationship from an Instagram profile that is dedicated to sharing “confessions” of alleged fans of the model and the singer.

The most recent publication about their relationship was the one that bothered Gigi a lot because she says: “Zigi does anything for publicity, the fact is that Zayn will not follow Gigi or publish a photo of her on her Instagram again”, accompanied from a photo in which they come out super affectionate.

Gigi’s response was blunt: ” It seems that you label me in a new publication every day… please stop… it’s just negative, I do not have any grudges against you, I just know that there’s a wonderful world out there to relate to, instead of trying to analyze a relationship between two people who do not know and those who do not see 99% of what happens to them.

I do not need someone to follow me who is virtually inactive in the application. My eyes are tattooed on his chest. The energy you put into this does not contribute to your own lives in any way, guys… you’re wasting your time. They can qualify it as advertising, but I am posting from my boyfriend as anyone. Whether I support Z or he supports me is a matter of mutual love and enthusiasm. You do not have to decipher anything all the time… take a break.

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This is my last comment on this, but I hope you know that I do not have bad intentions. I would simply love for you to find something else that will inspire you in life… x.

After receiving several criticisms from users for his comment, one of them told him that it would have been better if he had written directly to the administrator of the account, and that he was not so public, to which Gigi commented:

“I understand your point that it must have been a direct message, I agree, I just did not think about it This is all very frustrating, I’m just human… I’ve seen the trash in this account since the same time as you and I’ve been I’ve had enough… just because I’m a ‘celebrity’ does not mean I do not feel, or that my time is too valuable to not listen to what people have to say. I’m sure you realize how assertions like these they can be hurtful, especially about someone I love, if you love them too, sooner or later they will realize that we are on the same team;).

Sorry if I came unripe, just I try to open a dialogue so that people can understand their words are hurtful and not simply ‘anonymous confession’. This internet culture is cruel and does not contribute to anything deep. It’s not about someone defending me or taking time away from the fans who support me. If those who lead and follow this account does not want to believe me or take my advice it is fine… but someday will remember this and realize that sending so much negative energy to others is a waste of life”.

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Another fan shared a photo of what seems like a conversation she had in private with Gigi, in which she says: ” It’s sad to have to defend my relationship when sometimes I just want to feel like a normal girl with a normal boyfriend. I do not know who I am, I would publish about him every day… but I guess that whoever wants to believe that it is something false will believe it… he should probably stop responding”.

Poor Gigi “It must be exhausting to see so many comments from people who only know how to make meaningless judgments, what do you think? Do you think I should ignore them?

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