Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty
Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty

Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty ended?

Not at all! The rumors of a possible rift between Dove and Thomas started ringing when fans realized that the star Descendants no longer published many photos of her with her lover in Instagram, and even went on to say that they had a big fight I had finished with the relationship.

But calm, none of this is happening, it was the same Dove who went to his Twitter account to clarify the misunderstandings and ensure that she is still more in love with Thomas than ever.

“Important announcement to the community: THOMAS AND I ARE WELL We do not finish, we are still together, we do not fight, we are deeply in love, better than ever, so stop speculating or spreading rumors when you do not have bases, but thanks for being outstanding”

“Not everything that I publish has to do with Thomas, ESPECIALLY when it’s something vague or negative, like why I would not directly refer to my boyfriend, maybe I’m 11 years old… I definitely would not have any hints about problems in my relationship, giving clues My life is not a reality show! Goodbye.”

What joy! We are happy to know that Dove and Thomas are still together, they are one of our favorite couples!

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