The longest moon eclipse of the century
The longest moon eclipse of the century

According to calculations by the National Astronomical Observatory (OAN), the total eclipse of the Moon on Friday, July 27, the longest planned for the entire century, will be visible throughout Spain from 8:24 pm.

The Balearic Islands will be, nevertheless, the best enclave to appreciate the phenomenon. It is also recommended to move away from contaminated areas such as cities with lights or buildings that hide the horizon in an easterly direction.

Red Moon

This total lunar eclipse of almost four hours, from start to finish, is the longest planned in the 21st century and will coincide with the full moon.

The total phase will last 1 hour and 43 minutes, during which the natural satellite of the Earth will acquire a red or reddish color popularly known as ‘blood moon’ (because part of the sunlight that passes through Earth’s atmosphere is curve around the edge of the Earth and fall on the surface of the moon).

In Spain, the start of the total phase will take place at 9.30 pm, coinciding with the departure time of the Moon in Madrid, and will end at 23.13.

Much of the Eastern Hemisphere of the Earth will see the eclipse. The phenomenon as a whole will be visible from Africa, the Middle East and countries of Central Asia, and will be visible from the east of South America when it is ending, and from Australia when it is beginning.

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