A nine-camera smartphone prototype
The company launched in 2017 the first portable camera with 16 lenses.

Have you ever wondered how good your photos would look if instead of having one or two cameras in the mobile, they had five, seven or nine? Probably not, but still, a company called Light wants to sell smartphones with up to nine cameras on its back, why not three, not five seem to be enough.

Light is a company that a couple of years ago launched a pocket camera with 16 sensors, called L16. However, now they want to venture into the world of smartphones, as reported by the Washington Post, and for this they are already working on their first prototypes: one with five cameras and one with nine cameras on the back, like the one you can see in the image on these lines.

According to Light, with its prototype of 9 cameras can capture images of up to 64 Megapixels. In their tests they also discovered that the photos have a better performance in low light than other phones and offer effects of depth of image and focus (hopefully this means a better bokeh than the rest). Until we try it ourselves we can not be sure of what Light says, but without a doubt that with so many sensors we can hope that at least their photos are good.

It has not been long since we talked about the next LG smartphone, the V40, which according to leaks will be the first mobile with five cameras (two in the front and three in the back). But the Light already reaches another level, one that makes us think that no matter how good the results may be, how much money will there be to pay for a mobile like this? Only time will tell.

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