People have always liked to debate who is the most intelligent, comparing themselves with others. And with the Eysenck test the opportunity to compete in the size of IQ was offered. prepared for you a test that shows you the perspectives of the development of your intelligence.

Choose the tube where the water will run faster

Choose the tube where the water will run faster
Choose the tube where the water will run faster

Option 1

Your IQ should be in the range of 80 to 100 points. At the same time, you have all the potential to develop infinitely. You like to solve your problems creatively. Unfortunately, you are afraid to share your thoughts and ideas with people so as not to end up in an uncomfortable situation. Do not worry! A head thinks well; two think better and five think excellent. Try to socialize more, because this will enrich your mind and soul.

Option 2

Your intelligence is average, which is very good in the modern world. But you have a super power: you know how to control the minds of other people. You can overcome any type of obstacles thanks to your skills and knowledge of other people. Use it in your favor and you will always be one step ahead.

Option 3

Stand out from the crowd thanks to your original methods of solving problems. Although in your way you find few people who share your way of thinking, because sometimes it is quite difficult to follow your crazy ideas. Despite the little response you get, do not stop telling the world about your plans and objectives: this helps your intelligence to develop actively and to function more efficiently.

Option 4

It seems that your genius indicators exceed 120 points. If you can focus on your craft and not get distracted by insignificant things, you can awaken your intelligence 100%. With this gift you are destined to succeed.

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