Things that make you look untidy
Things that make you look untidy

It’s very easy to look messy, so aim and avoid doing these things…

Wrinkled clothes

If you do not want to look like someone who grabbed the first thing you found, iron clothes that are too wrinkled. Take a little while, and iron your clothes!

No accessories

If you do not usually use accessories and when you have a commitment, do not add that important extra, you will not see anything special!

Plus size or large

If you do not use the correct size to fit your body type, do not let your silhouette look and you can even look like you have extra kilos. You can look messed up!

The shoes

Do not leave the shoes at the end; Yes, it’s important, even if you do not believe it. As a tip, never forget to clean them, because it does not matter how well dressed you are if your sneakers have all the dirt.

Personal care

We talk about the basics, but that sometimes can fail, such as bad breath, hair without brushing, an exaggerated makeup or badly done. AVOID THEM! They will make you look very bad and more when you go to
meet someone. Do not forget that the first impression is too important.

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