Hair Removal with Thread
Hair Removal with Thread

The hair with thread is a beauty technique has been super trendy to remove hair from our skin, especially the area of the mustache and eyebrow.

Before you make the decision to resort to it, check out these data that you have to know about thread hair removal:

1. Unlike waxing, waxing is much less painful, the sensation is very similar to when you use a brush.

2. Being with thread, it is super important that you go with a specialist, because it requires experience to avoid making mistakes.

3. Hair removal with thread offers much more defined results than waxing, since it removes hairs one by one, in addition to being much faster.

4. It is aggressive zero for your skin, if your skin is super sensitive and delicate, this technique is a good choice for you.

Would you like to include waxing as a hair removal technique?

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