Surface Pro
Surface Pro

We are looking forward to the arrival of new devices signed by Microsoft. Since the American company have made their releases are expected by the good work with the latest products that have reached the market and the Surface range can be the best example.

In this sense we are waiting to meet new products throughout the remainder of 2018 and in 2019. New products of different nature whose calendar could have been unveiled ahead of time .

New devices and more Xbox?

Thurrott’s colleagues have had access to internal documentation detailing Microsoft’s release schedule for the immediate future. New terminals that would arrive between what remains of 2018 and 2019.

From the outset and depending on the leaked documentation, we would see a Surface Pro 6 that by now has a code name, Carmel. A model that would come to occupy the position occupied by current devices.

Under the code name Libra would come the expected low-cost Surface. It would be a model to attract buyers who are attracted to the Surface range and who can not access them, as the Surface range is not exactly affordable for a large number of pockets.

But is there no data concerning Andromeda?. It is the most anticipated of all models because it refers to a mobile device or at least a portable size. We do not know if in the end he would comply with the rumors and leaks that we have been seeing. According to the documentation this device would arrive throughout 2018 and would be accompanied by other devices launched by traditional Microsoft partners.

Also included in this sheet is a future Xbox that has the code name of Scarlett, which Microsoft hopes will become a reality throughout 2020. What is striking is that this development is more than just a single device that arrives as a family of devices.

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This could be the roadmap planned by Microsoft and it remains to be seen if it becomes a reality in the end. It just does not wait to know the immediate future of Microsoft in terms of hardware.

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