Mia Khalifa for a sensual exemplary student
Mia Khalifa for a sensual exemplary student

A new fact transcended the barriers of the network to involve the beautiful driver Mia Khalifa in a joke in bad taste for some people.

It all started with a message in which it was announced that Mia Khalifa wanted to boost her academic knowledge and triumphs. In the wake of the situation, users soon discovered that it was a joke in which hundreds fell. The message said the following:

This girl is Montaña García and is a neighbor of Cáceres. He has just won the 2018 Physics and Chemistry Olympics, but since he is not a footballer and does not devote himself to programs, you will not see the news in any media.”

The text was spread throughout Twitter and some Internet users innocently shared the news in order to inform about the scope of the Mia Khalifa exam. Also, people who fell for the joke retweeted more than 14 thousand times the original message, which also reached more than 20 thousand likes in a short time.

One of the people who came across the joke was the journalist Marta Robles; who, seeing the deception rectified his mistake and clarified the situation. This is what the writer also said:

eye! They tell me that this tweet is a joke and the girl is an adult cinema film. Pure fake! I’m so sorry! It causes me a huge uneasiness that accepting an error on Twitter causes a popular lynching. Yes, I shared something that a person of confidence pointed out to me. I did not contrast the information, I see that there are many that have never happened to them”.

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