Juan David Villegas Tamayo
Juan David Villegas Tamayo, student of Electronic Engineering of the National University of Colombia.

A research team at the National University of Colombia has created a device that is able to measure the resistance of the skin, certain factors such as the loss of collagen when generating an electrical signal through an electrical circuit.

The prototype uses an application for mobile devices that will identify the variables in the skin by means of voltage and frequency values , which are generated by an electrical signal that is transmitted to two electrodes that are part of the sensor.

Juan David Villegas Tamayo, electronics engineer, also suggests that this device could help verify the effectiveness of products such as facial creams or some other methods for skin care, such as radiofrequency.

“It is likely that not all products on the market are effective, so one of the purposes of this device is to measure the impedance of the skin before and after the person tests a certain product,” he said in a statement.

The device is not available commercially, but its creators say it could also be useful for people who have suffered paralysis of the face, measuring the reactions they have after medical intervention.

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