Stormy Daniels is still in trouble
Stormy Daniels is still in trouble

The adult film actress, Stormy Daniels has received the divorce request from her husband Glendon Crain, under accusations of adultery.

According to TMZ, the also porn actor argues that Stephanie Gregory Clifford, legal name of Stormy, has been unfaithful and is not fit to take care of the daughter of both of 7 years.

Crain has applied for a restraining order against Daniels for her and her child, saying that the woman tried to take the child to a tour with other stars of pornography.

“My client Stormy Daniels and her husband have decided to end their marriage. Last week a divorce petition was filed… Stormy’s daughter continues to be her number one priority. For now he asks kindly privacy for the welfare of his family,” confirmed the lawyer of the exotic dancer,  Michael  Avenatti.

Stormy has gained national popularity for a supposed sexual encounter in 2006 with the current president, Donald Trump. The controversy resurfaced because the payment of $ 130,000 dollars was aired from the tycoon to keep silent.

This situation has won criticism and accusations against the porn actress, however her lawyer defended her quality as a mother.

“Stormy is an exceptional mother and always has been. There are a number of false comments in the divorce documents that were delivered , “Avenatti said in a statement sent to People.

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