Apple will make in autumn
Apple will make in autumn

As part of the new releases that Apple will announce in the middle of this year, are the creation of new ones that will come to expand the line of devices with which it already counts; it is mentioned that among them are the three new iPhone, two iPad Pro, more Apple Watch, a laptop and an AirPower wireless charger.

All these elements are not an invention, rather they are part of the list of innovations that the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo unveiled, where in addition to the aforementioned, it is also said that there will be updates for some of the devices making them much better than that were before.

Although it has already been released a lot of what Kuo exposes in its listing, it is interesting to extend the horizon of these, so here is a recount of it with the specifications mentioned by the specialist.

  • iPhone: Not one, but three new iPhone will arrive in various sizes of 5.8, 6.5 and 6.1 inches respectively, in addition they will have A12 processors, Face ID, borderless screens with OLED technology, an L-battery with greater capacity than the previous model and even one of them will have an LCD panel.

In fact it has also been mentioned that the models could have six new colors, without leaving behind the classics gray / black, white and gold.

  • iPad Pro: The two new iPad will come with 11 and 12.9 inches and will be designed with a screen similar to the iPhone X, will not have a start button and they will replace the Touch ID with Face ID.
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It is also speculated that it could have a double screen, where one of them would act as a touchpad and that the processor they would contain would be an A11X Bionic, which is extremely fast and agile.

  • Apple Watch: It is commented that there will be two new models of 1.57 and 1.78 inches, with larger screens and new attachments, such as heart rate detection.
  • iMac: Kuo explains that in this device will come a major update in terms of the processor and regarding the performance of the screen, however does not give more details about it or delves into it.
  • Mac mini: In this case there is not much information, but according to the comments of Kuo, it is an updated processor that will include a redesigned chassis.
  • New low-cost laptop: The analyst believes that the company is developing a new laptop and that this could be a 12-inch Macbook that could replace the MacBook Air.

Everything sounds very promising, but the most important thing still remains: that this is real and that all people can have access to them when they are launched (possibly) in the first or second week of September.

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