New features of Google I / O 2017
New features of Google I / O 2017

Today has started the conference for developers of one of the giants of Mountain View, Google I / O 2017, and after all the speculations that have been around Google Fuchsia, the rumored new Android, Google Assistant improved and its arrival to iOS, the new features of Chrome and the official name of Android O, these are the news that Google has presented at its conference for developers from Mountain View, California:

Google Lens

The first of the products to be presented is Google Lens, a software that understands our environment and is powered by Google Assistant, and thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Google Lens will be able to recognize what type of flower we are photographing , you can take us to the website of a store with only focus on the logo of the place, and surprisingly it may also connect to a Wi-Fi network just by pointing the camera to the Wi-Fi key and the name of the connection, something that we have not seen until now.

Google Assistant

Just as it had been rumored for a couple of days. Google has announced the official arrival of Google Assistant for iOS, demonstrating that you want to take your products to all available devices, so now you can not only use Siri on the iPhone, but you will also have the Google assistant available.

The languages ​​available for both Android and iOS are English, German, Japanese, and very soon it will be in Spanish and Korean. These languages ​​will be available throughout the year, so it is a matter of waiting to talk to our phone in Spanish.

Order food from Google Assistant

Another new feature of the Google assistant will be that you can now place orders to restaurants only with your voice, as if you were in the store and you were ordering what you want to eat, only this time you will do it from the comfort of your home and Google will take care of ordering and paying for it, so that you only worry about receiving it at home and enjoying it.

They have not given information about the restaurants or the countries where this new option may be used, but it will surely be an exclusive service of the United States, we will be awaiting further developments in this regard.

Google Home

Despite being a product for the home that we still can not find in our country, today we have announced some new features for this product that includes the possibility of making calls from Google Home without needing to have the cell phone in hand. A feature that had been requested and criticized Google for not including it since its launch last October.

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Similarly, it has been announced that the product will reach other countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, France, Australia and Canada, although at the moment there is no established arrival date, but it will be sure to land in these markets throughout the year. this year.

Among other things it has been given greater compatibility with other products such as Spotify, Netflix or YouTube, making it a more complete assistant, we can even ask you with simple commands to turn on or off the TV or the lights of the house. For this, Google will be associated with more than 70 companies to continue increasing the potential of Google Home.

Google Photos

This is one of the most important and used Google products in the world, has even become the favorite application of many users due to its simple use and unlimited storage in the cloud, and now comes with more news to remain one of the strongest products of the search engine.

“Share the library” is one of the new options of Google Photos in which we can give access more easily and intelligently to one of our contacts, for example; we can allow all the photos of our children to be accessible only for our wife, and to make this simpler we will only have to select the face of our daughter and the artificial intelligence will be in charge of giving access to your wife of all the photos of your children . This feature will arrive for Android, iOS and web in the coming weeks.

Photo Books

Another one of the announcements of Google Photos is Photo Books, physical albums to give them on special occasions, and to make it work we can create an album of some event or memorable event selecting the images from Google Photos that we want to include in the book, after that only We will have to pay for the product and Google will send us that new physical album to give a good gift on some special occasion.

At the moment this product will only be available for the United States, but it will be extended to more countries in the next few months, among which Mexico will surely be included.

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360 videos from the TV

Although the videos in 360 degrees have been with us for some time, it was impossible to reproduce them from the television of our house, and although it is from here many users like to play streaming content it was surprising that we did not have this option for the YouTube application on Smart TV, although that is about to change, because Google has announced that this new way of experiencing 360 videos will be available from our television soon.

Super chats

If for some reason you thought YouTube chats were the worst way to communicate with your Youtube idols, today Google has announced the Super Chats, in which we can interact with all YouTube content creators paying for our comment to reach them and stand out from the whole conversation.

At the moment it will only be available for live events through YouTube and in the United States, but it is a fact that will be extended to other countries where YouTube has become one of the most important entertainment media such as Mexico.


Google’s flagship product, the most widely used operating system in the world, also presents some new features, among which stand out: the intelligent copying that is now powered by neural networks and artificial intelligence and will allow copies of words to be made intelligently by selecting the full names or sentences instead of doing it word for word, for example: if we have written “The black dog” and we want to copy it normally we select a word of the sentence and with a scroll we select the whole sentence, now this function will allow that all was selected Prayer simply by double tapping on the word.

Google Play Protect

A new security suite that will keep our applications updated intelligently and constantly is Google Play Protect that will always have the latest application updates to avoid security problems on our devices.

Similarly, this suite will be responsible for periodically search for malware installed on our device that has been installed through an application.

And reviewing the issue of security, it is common for people who lose or steal your device can not find or block it because it does not have a specialized application for this, but with Google Play Protect, Android device manager will be included in Google services so we will not need any extra application to block or locate our lost or stolen phone.

Kotlin the new programming language

This is the new Android programming language that is easier and more productive to use than the previous one. Although many details of this change have not been given, so we will have to wait for the other conferences to know more about him.

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Virtual and augmented reality

Google Daydream is the product of Google focused on virtual reality and this Google I / O has announced that there will be new equipment with support for Daydream as the newly launched Galaxy S8 and S8 + for this summer.

Standalone VR

This is the new Google project that does not require a phone to work, something very similar to the HTC Vive, the Microsoft Holo Lens and the Oculus Rift Facebook, not much has been said about this new product but there will be more developments in the next months

Nothing has been shown beyond a virtual prototype, except that HTC and Lenovo are two of the manufacturers that will work on this project with Google.

Google Tango

Regarding Tango, another augmented reality product, it has been announced that it will have integration with Google Maps, so we will soon be able to see the streets of the city as if we were really there.

The school is another sector where augmented reality has become a fundamental tool for the education of children, and it is clear that Google wants to be present, and although it has not been given many details, it has been made very clear What is the future of this and other sectors in which they will be constantly working to launch more products that help people to know and master these types of technologies.

Google for Jobs

This has been one of the great surprises of Google IO 2017, a new tool through which we can find work and information on offers by categories such as: workday, location, publication of the job offer.

This can be done from the Google search engine and all we have to do is ask Google to find us job offers.

Undoubtedly this is one of the most attractive and interesting tools of Google so that more and more people who are unemployed or looking for more income can find jobs but ideal ideals to get out of some important economic troubles.

There is no information about their availability outside the United States, but we hope that Mexico and Latin America will receive this tool that will be of great help in our country.

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