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These are the favorite sexual positions of infidel men

The favorite sexual positions
The favorite sexual positions

Sentimental and sexual fidelity is essential in a couple, but what happens when you feel ‘steps on the roof’? Surely you want to investigate and be aware of every detail that could reveal an infidelity of your partner.

Therefore, after a survey of 1,732 people, the portal Ashley Madison made known which are the favorite positions of the infidels, and although there were figures both of them and of them, this time we left exclusively the male sex.

From puppy

Yes, 49% of the men surveyed responded that the “doggy style” was one of their favorite positions in meetings that were not with their partner.


In second place with 39% is this position where the woman goes above the man, and is in charge of giving pleasure to him.


The woman below and he above. This position gives men a certain ‘power’ of the situation. It is a classic, but good results (orgasms) are always expected from it. 31% chose it.

Legs in men

27% of respondents chose this missionary ‘twist’. This position allows a greater sensation of pleasure to them, because when the legs of the woman are elevated, the vaginal walls are much tighter, therefore, more pleasure to their ‘limb’.

The 69

In last place of the top 5 with 26%, they chose this position that allows to give and receive oral sex at the same time. Some assured that it is not very common to carry it out with their formal partner, so they carry it out with a lover.

Do you think it has something to do with infidelity?


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