Elite Control for the Xbox One
Elite Control for the Xbox One

One of the features that have attracted most of the Xbox since its inception is related to one of its peripherals. The control of the Redmond console has been, since its first version, the most ergonomic of all those who populate the consolero market, at least for many users.

And with the passing of the generations the sensations offered by the pad control have gone better, so much so that in 2015 they dared to give a twist to their popular peripheral by launching the Elite Control for Xbox One, a command with a higher price ($187.99) and a huge capacity for personalization. A control pad that can already have a substitute on the way and that would be the other peripheral that would arrive together with the Adaptive Controller.

The command… definitive?

Time passes very quickly and it was strange that with three years of life in the market did not dare from Microsoft with an evolution of the Elite Control. In fact, Windows Central colleagues have reported on the development of the second version of the Elite Control for Xbox One .

A command that already has a code name, “Spider”, which is determined by the shapes offered in the back. Apparently and according to the sources, the new command has a mechanism of 3 phases, improving the options offered by being able to adjust the force as the buttons are pressed more or less and according to the title we are playing. In the new command, the use of the triggers that will now reflect the action on the screen in the second phase has been improved.

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Another novelty is given by the possibility exists that users could adjust the strength of the sticks according to the needs of each moment. It corrected one of the defects that the original Elite Control had for many users.

On the other hand, the new model of the Elite control will include support for USB Type-C and could even add a dock for fast charging and connectivity with PC via Bluetooth. Regarding price or launch date, are aspects of which we have not yet heard. The first thing will be to wait for an official confirmation from Microsoft.

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