Theory of the Titanic
It is believed that Jack’s mission was for Rose to survive the accident of the famous transatlantic, even at the cost of her own life.

Film James CameronTitanic, remains one of the highest grossing titles in history, with more than two billion dollars, and one of the most awarded a total of 11 statuettes Oscar in 1998. That’s why more 20 years after its premiere, it is still being analyzed by moviegoers.

On this occasion, a new and crazy theory says that Jack, the protagonist played by Leonardo DiCaprio, could have traveled in time to reach the famous ship.

According to this adventurous theory, which offers an alibi to some of the most criticized historical errors of his script, Jack would have information impossible to know at the time when the facts on the Titanic unfold.

Thus, the protagonist mentions fishing in Lake Wissota, an artificial lake created in 1917, five years after the collapse of the popular boat. He also promises to take Rose, played by Kate Winslet, to a roller coaster on the Santa Monica pier, an attraction that was built four years later.

The appearance of DiCaprio’s character has also raised suspicions. His haircut is not typical of twentieth-century Britain, in addition to his backpack, an accessory that was not popularized until the 1930s.

The first time Jack and Rose meet, Rose is about to commit suicide by plunging into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Fortunately for Rose, Jack manages to convince her not to do it, at which point he saves her from a fall when she slips. In addition to literally saving his life, Jack gives him a lesson by reminding him that life is worth living.

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Before saving Rose, Jack is simply on the deck of the ship, in the middle of the night, doing nothing, almost waiting for her to appear. Considering that it was an April night in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the temperature should be very low, so everything indicates that Jack had a specific reason to be there.


But why does Jack save Rose? What seems clear is that Jack’s mission was for Rose to survive the accident, even at the cost of her own life. And, this is when the theory goes dark, assuring that Jack’s real job is to sink the Titanic.

Saving Rose of suicide, Jack ensures the sinking of the ship, since being a member of high society, his death could have led to a change of plans, such as a possible search of the body, which would have delayed and even prevented the disaster.

The sinking of the Titanic shook the whole world, and as a result the current Coast Guard was created and the standards of world navigation were improved, so perhaps Jack’s role was to guarantee the accident to avoid further disaster in the future.

Another theory says that the protagonist is actually Captain Jack Harkness of Dr. Who and Torchwood. Harkness was stranded in the eighteenth century in England and had to wait in real time until the 21st century to meet the Doctor. This would explain its location on the Titanic both in terms of place and time. However, the character was created after the Cameron movie, so it is unlikely that Titanic and Doctor Who are related.

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