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The World Health Organization plans to eliminate trans fats from food

Who to remove trans fats
Who to remove trans fats

The World Health Organization (WHO) has proposed to fight to eradicate trans fats from food, which generate cardiovascular problems. They say that in 2016, almost 40 million deaths were caused by noncommunicable diseases, with cardiovascular diseases causing more than half.

To noticeably decrease this figure, the WHO plans to eliminate trans fat before 2023. We will get it?

In what foods do we find trans fats?

Knowing the different types of fats can be a difficult task, so let’s try to explain in a simple way how trans originate. When the liquid oil becomes a solid fat, through the process of hydrogenation to increase the shelf life of the food, trans fats flourish. It is also true that there are foods such as dairy or red meat that naturally contain small doses of hydrogenated fats.

The problem comes when processed and ultra-processed products contain hydrogenated vegetable oils. Some examples would be chips, pastries, margarine or snacks. According to the WHO, ” in the diet of many people there is a very harmful component: trans fats. These can be eliminated very easily and we must work for it because they are responsible for half a million deaths a year, mostly in low and middle income countries.”

By 2023

The WHO has announced very strongly that in five years countries should eliminate trans fat produced industrially. This project has been renamed “Replace” and has up to six strategic plans to change our diet:

  • Promote replacement by sources of healthy fats
  • Review the national situation
  • Evaluate the content of the food chain and the evolution of the population’s eating habits
  • Create laws that prohibit them
  • Raise awareness among the population and manufacturers about the negative effects
  • Carry out the new legislation.
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Will decrease to 10 million deaths

Replacing trans fats can reduce up to 10 million deaths in the next 25 years after eliminating them completely. Denmark was the first country to take this step, and it is expected that in 2018 there will be 24 more countries that partially or totally eliminate artificial trans fats.

We are what we eat, so we must take care of our diet to reduce the risk of dying. It is not as difficult as we think, we just have to be aware of what benefits us.


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