The Xbox One
The Xbox One

We have seen how little by little Redstone 5 is extending its tentacles through the Microsoft ecosystem thanks to the different Builds that are launched by the company. The PC has been the main recipient of these improvements and the latest Build in this regard is very recent.

The Xbox, strikingly left out of this possibility, at least until not long ago it was announced that the “insiders” of the Microsoft console could also access the Skip Ahead ring in the Insider Program, similar to that enjoy Windows users. And in a few hours you can download the latest compilation with Redstone 5 flavor on the Xbox One.

Less differences between PC and console

This is the Build 1810, which will be available to members of Preview Alpha, which until now were using the 1806 compilation. Redstone 5 comes to replace Redstone 4 in the Microsoft console and blurs a little more borders PC and console.

In the statement they announce that Build 1810 contains many of the features that are already offered in the 1806. We will therefore see FastStart to improve the usage times in some titles or the arrival of the new Avatars Editor. These are the news that will come with this compilation:


  • In Groups, they can now be renamed without the need to restart.
  • In My games and applications the FastStart function is improved.
  • In Narrator, the use in some languages ​​has been improved.
  • The system performance has been improved.

Known problems:

  • Skip Ahead users will notice that the Entertainment tab has been replaced on the screen with Game Pass content. This new tab allows easy access to the Game Pass catalog and is only available in the US. UU In the rest of the countries you can still see the Entertainment tab.
  • Problems may occur with groups if you frequently switch between the console in Preview mode and in normal mode. There is an alternative solution: reset the groups locally in the preview console via “My Games and Applications”> Groups, then use the “Delete all groups” button at the bottom of the page to resynchronize from the service.
  • Sometimes users can find a wrong profile color when turning on the console.
  • When the console is activated from Instant-on / Connect-Standby with a wired connection, the console may not recognize that the Ethernet cable is plugged in. The solution is to restart the console using the Guide -> Restart route.
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