Download YouTube videos
Download YouTube videos

If you want to download YouTube videos, or listen to music without turning on the screen, we offer two of the best alternatives: TubeMate and SnapTube.

YouTube is one of those key services on the Internet that not only accumulate millions of users, they also move a significant level of traffic worldwide. Tens of thousands of new videos uploaded every day, millions of views, a huge amount of hours available for our entertainment and information… And official applications that do not meet two premises that users are looking for: download videos and listen to music with the screen off.

There are ways to complement the functions of YouTube on Android using other browsers or the odd trick, but there are also apps that complement the official one . They are well known and accumulate millions of downloads on Uptodown: TubeMate is the top 1 for the free app store; SnapTube is number two.

You still did not know them? Well, the time has come to give you a review: with these apps to download YouTube videos you will have everything you were looking for for your experience with the video service. They are safe and also free, by the way.

TubeMate, embedded browser with download and player

TubeMate is an application that integrates the web browser (desktop or mobile, we can choose) within the app. In this way we will have access to the much desired download of videos and also to extract the music from those videos or create offline playlists. It works very well, it is intuitive and you need the combination with another MP3 conversion app to download it.

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TubeMate is currently in version 3.0.11. It has given a significant design change with respect to the previous version, so now it is much more pleasant and simple to use. Integrate ads And not only serves for YouTube, also for other video portals.

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SnapTube: downloading videos and playing with the screen off

This is an application similar to TubeMate: embed YouTube web (only in the mobile version) so you can use all its functions by adding downloads and playback in the background (just move the video to floating window by dragging from top to bottom). The design of SnapTube is nice and simple, but it integrates much more publicity than its opponent, TubeMate.

This application to download YouTube videos and listen to music with the screen off is free and includes many ads, as we said. Integrated banners and direct links to the installation of other applications.

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With these two applications you will complement the YouTube functions for official Android. Both are the most downloaded from Uptodown and also two of our recommended applications for downloading videos.

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