Robin Titans trailer
Robin Titans

TITANS will be one of the biggest bets of DC in recent times. The series will premiere at the exclusive streaming service DC Universe and will feature Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson / Robin, Anna Diop as Starfire, Teagan Croft as Raven and Ryan Potter as Beast Boy.

During the last weeks, much was speculated on the series, especially taking into account that the trailer was falling and, indeed, the first advancement of the live-action was shared within the framework of the Comic-Con of San Diego.

Apparently the story revolves around Raven, who will seek the help of Dick Grayson, an officer who shared guard nights with Batman, the greatest hero of Gotham. Far from the essence of Robin as a sidekick, Dick Grayson is in his spiteful stage, when, in the comics, he decides to become independent and build his own heroic initiative.

Although it looks like an exact approximation to the canon, the truth is that, as seen in the trailer, this Dick Grayson is far from the character that will later become Nightwing, indeed, has all the features that Jason Todd presented in his more violent stage.

The trailer overflows blood and excessive aggressiveness, inked with the darkness that represented DC in the last decade. The effects section is acceptable and the characterization is excellent -except for Starfire, who still does not convince the fans, however, he sins in trying to be more rebellious than he really should be.

Robin insults his mentor (« f * ck Batman ») and translates the frustration he harbors at an unethical level for a Grayson, in which brutality and arbitrariness are justice… again: something that Jason Todd would do, not Dick. Anyway.

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If you want to know the new face of DC on TV with this violent series, I invite you to watch the full trailer

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