Tattoos of Celebrities
Tattoos of Celebrities

1Pete Davidson

The new boyfriend of Ariana Grande is super in love, to the extent of having made two tattoos related to the singer in less than a month of relationship! The first are the initials of his bae: AG, and the second are the iconic rabbit ears that Ari uses. You like them?

2Zayn Malik

The singer has not stopped surprising us with his large number of tattoos. The last one we saw was Voldemort, since he is a big fan of Harry Potter! Now, after his break with Gigi Hadid, the former member of One Direction made two more tattoos; an incredible rose on the nape and another one on the chest, although he has not shown it in the photos. Some fans think that maybe he took the tattoo out of the eyes of his ex, Gigi Hadid, but there is still no way to be sure! What do you think is the new design that was made? Is it something about Gigi Hadid?

3Zayn Malik

We have always known how important his family is to Zayn Malik, for he once revealed the following about his father … “I was telling Malay about my relationship with him and how important it was for me to do things well for him, for My father is a hard worker and has strong values ​​… He used to tell me all the time about being a good student and getting the right education, he wanted the best for me and I wanted to please him in return. ” So the singer decided to get a tattoo in his honor; He put behind the ear “Yaser”, the name of his father, and caption wrote “I love you”. Awwww! Would you do a tattoo in honor of your parents?

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4Miley Cyrus

Awwwww! The singer and actress is a super fan of dogs and loves her family as if they were her children. He already had a tattoo of his puppy Emu on his arm, and now he added one more in honor of his dog Mary Jane! The tattoo is black and white and it was left with an impact. Would you do this for your dogs?

5Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne does not stop surprising us, because she already got one more tattoo! And we must say that goes according to his extroverted personality, because the actress was tattooed the phrase “Bite me” in the booties, LOL! Do you like his new and daring tattoo?

6Bella Thorne

The beautiful actress has just had a new tattoo that fascinated us; it is an “I love you” written with the colors of the rainbow. Although we do not know for whom it is addressed, it may be a way to love yourself and remind you daily. Who do you think it is for? It’s super cute!

7Justin Bieber

OMG! Justin surprised his fans with a giant new tattoo on his torso that covers him from chest to hip. The singer did not leave a free space, and in this new design you can see a skeleton, an eagle and some other Gothic aspects. The tattoos were designed by the artist Ban Bang, and it took 3 days to be ready. You like them?

9Kendall Jenner

Wow! Kendall Jenner got a new tattoo and is the most daring until now. The star tattooed the inner part of the lower lip. Auch! Do you like or believe that you are very tough?

10Gisele Bündchen

She has a star on her wrist, it means two things, the memory of her grandmother and the stars she could not see in the sky when she left Brazil.

11Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne got a tattoo on both calves that says Wild Kitty, which means wild kitten in English. He did not reveal the meaning, but we think it’s out of love for his two kittens Louis and Lola. They like?

12Cara Delevingne

His famous tattoo of a lion on his finger was the first one made and is to remind him to be brave at all times.

13Cara Delevingne

In an interview, Cara revealed what his new viper tattoo that runs through his hand and reaches the middle finger: At the end of the tattoo says savage because I think that’s the way I am, and it’s about reinvention, get rid of the skin old, new beginnings, new life. Oh oh, does this sound like St.Vincent? The girls recently ended their relationship, so we would not doubt that the meaning of the tattoo is for your ex. St. Vincent, who is currently dating Kristen Stewart.

14Vanessa Hudgens

It has a butterfly on the neck, which means transformation and growth.

16Demi Lovato

OMG! Demi Lovato surprised us with a huge new tattoo on her ribs. The design is a dream catcher along with the phrase You make me beautiful. They like?

17Katy Perry

Her tattoo on the heel is of a strawberry, it was made to celebrate the success of her album One Of The Boys.

18Bella Thorne

Wooooow! Bella Thorne got a mega tattoo. It is about two incredible wings that occupy most of your back. He’s super daring, but he looks amazing!

19Emma Stone

They are two legs of a bird, which represents the fight against breast cancer that her mother had for two years, which she managed to overcome; besides representing the song of the Beatles, Blackbird.

20Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie has just made a tattoo on her finger much like Justin Bieber’s under his left eye: a mini cross. It may be just a coincidence, but there is also the likelihood that the tattoo is inspired by the beau. What do you think?

21Pretty Little Liars

Awwww! On the occasion of the last recording of Pretty Little Liars, the girls decided to make matching tatoos to never forget this incredible experience. All were tattooed the initial of his characters: A of Aria, H of Hanna, S of Spencer, E of Emily, A of Alison and M of Mona. They are super cute! The best thing is that they have a very special meaning for all. #PLLForever

22Demi Lovato

Cross under the little finger of her left hand, means she is a devout Christian and wants her fans to see her every time she holds a microphone.


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