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The tantric massage that will drive your partner crazy

Tantra is an oriental philosophy that seeks to approach spirituality, in this world tantric sex goes beyond the genital areas to focus on the whole body, because at the time when attention is paid to the whole it is possible to reach the greatest sexual energy of the individual

Couple after making love
Couple after making love

Yoni in Sanskrit refers to the vagina and can be interpreted as “sacred space” or “sacred temple”. Yoni massage is traditionally a ritual that appreciates the female divinity and establishes an erotic connection between a man and a woman. When you apply this technique with her you can completely relax your body and mind so that you experience an orgasm that you will never forget.

First, she should lie on her back with her head on her pillow. Next, you will have to bend your legs to the chest and open them so that you can see their genitals. You will stand in front of her in the position of a lotus flower.

In this position, breathe together for 5 minutes to relax. When they consider that they are ready take oil in your hands and begin to massage your legs, your groin, your stomach, your bust and finally the genital area.

When you get to this area, you must apply lubricant on the Mount of Venus to reach the labia majora, continue with slow movements without reaching a deeper place for 5 minutes.

Once passed the time, with the index finger and the thumb you must hold the greater lip and press smoothly, you will follow with lateral movements and you will finish with the smaller lips.

Finally, you will have to massage the clitoris with the thumb in a circular way in one direction and then in the opposite direction. Keeping your thumb in place will introduce your fingers into your vagina playing with the speed and pressure until you reach your point G.

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With this new technique you will not only help her reduce the pain of her period, you will also make her orgasms much more intense and both will have a connection that will give them more energy. Without a doubt, a technique that you should try.


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