Tom Holland Avengers: Infinity War
Tom Holland Avengers: Infinity War

Beware, if you are still one of those who have not seen Avengers: Infinity War, it is better that you do not continue reading this note, you will find spoilers that you will never want to read.

Well, if you are part of the more than two million people in Chile who have already seen the Marvel film, you will remember that one of the most emotional moments, and sad at the same time, of the film is when the villain Thanos performs the iconic snap of fingers, making half of the world’s population disappear, including several of the heroes.

One of them is Tom Holland , who plays the young Peter Parker, who at the time, apologizes to his mentor, Tony Stark, then become ashes while exclaiming “I do not want to go Mr. Stark.”

Well, three young fans wanted to give a “symbolic” gift to the young actor. They gave him a bag of sand that simulated the ashes with which Spiderman left the world.

Given this, Holland took a picture with the followers and their bag of dust in their hands. The best is his expression of grief, although it sounds strange.

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