10 Most expensive and exclusive Motorcycles in the World
The Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX motorcycle is worth USD 300,000

Motorcycles there are many but only ten are the most expensive. As in the world of cars, perhaps with greater power and exposure, motorcycles also deploy a luxury market with exclusive models for real millionaires. Units with futuristic aesthetics, vintage designs, exacerbated features, large displacement engines, unique materials, advanced technologies and retro conservations are some of the components that these extraordinary models hold.

Its only condition: Mass production. They do not include unique specimens with sophisticated designs or embellished components or pretentious properties that are collectors’ treats. They must be available to consumers.

They are fantasies on two wheels. From almost USD 100 thousand up to USD 300 thousand, ten models of motorcycles are combined that combine the best dispositions of the world of motorcycles. Such superior characteristics and slogans feed the value of the models.

10Confederate B120 Wraith – USD 92,500

The cheapest in the ranking of the most expensive bikes. The price is not justified precisely because of its mechanical performance: equipped only with two cylinders that provide 125 horsepower. Its value boasts an innovative design. Made from aeronautical quality aluminum and carbon fiber that achieve a perfect balance between retro aesthetics and futuristic properties. More style, less power.

9Vyrus 987 C3 4V – USD 103,800

A motorcycle agile. It is a manufacture of the Italian company Vyrus, specialist in the construction of fresh, dynamic and powerful designs. It combines low weight with sidereal benefits: propelled by a 1200 cc Ducati engine that gives it 211 horsepower, only weighs 158 kilos in the balance. Its silhouette gives a sporty, almost motocross review (especially for thin tires), which serves as a visual confirmation of the mechanics of an agile motorcycle.

  The Mercedes-AMG C 63 is updated with new change and digital box, but same power (476 or 510 hp)

8MV Agusta F4CC – USD 120,000

90% of this bike is handmade . There resides its high price. It announces to have the best components of the market. The titanium valves, in fact, were designed in collaboration with Ferrari. In addition, numerous mechanical touches contribute to its 200 horsepower: polished ports, new geometry of the combustion chamber, lighter pistons. MV Agusta has built 100 copies of his F4CC, a motorcycle inspired by a one-time personal project by CEO Claudio Castiglioni.

7NCR MH TT – USD 130,000

Only twelve units of this tribute motorcycle were built, a delight for collectors. They were manufactured to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Mike Hailwood’s victory on the Isle of Man, one of the most prestigious races in the world. Its power is not surprising: the MH TT only has 130 horsepower. But its titanium frame weighs only 5 kilos and the bike itself declares 136 kilos. Its silhouette and color remind of motorcycles with vintage reviews.

6NCR Leggera 1200 Titanium Special – USD 145,000

The first legal street bike of this company dedicated to design career motorcycles. The NCR Leggera weighs about 150 kilos, a lightness possibly attributable to the studied manufacture of competition bikes. It has, at par, first-class components: the suspension developed directly together with the help of the firm Öhlins, brakes manufactured by Brembo, carbon fiber wheels BST and a titanium frame that weighs 4.8 kilograms. Its marked suspension and its aerodynamic shape show the competitive descent of this bike.

4MTT Turbine Streetfighter – USD 175,000

In 2000, the MTT Turbine Superbike launched its Y2K, manufactured by Rolls Royce. With its Allison 250-C18 turbocharged engine, it could reach over 200 mph. In 2008, the company revealed that it was going to launch a version called “Streetfighter” with a capacity of 420 horsepower. With a Rolls Royce-Allison turbine, the bike achieves 320 horsepower in its Pirelli Diablo tire. All this power connected to a two-speed automatic gearbox. The MTT was recorded reaching the record speed of 365 kilometers per hour and according to the Guinness world record book it is “the most powerful production motorcycle in the world”. An authentic adrenaline machine.

3NCR Macchia Nera Concept – USD 225,000

Designed by visionary Aldo Drudi, it is called “Macchia Nera” (“Black Point”, in Italian) in reference to the wake it leaves once it picks up speed en route. Its high value does not respond precisely to the mechanical performance: a Ducati 998R engine, with 185 HP and four valves per cylinder with a six-speed transmission. But his balance denounces a ridiculous weight: 134 kilos. The lightest bike in the list.

2NCR M16 – $ 232,500

Almost a quarter of a million dollars costs this NCR M16, weighing only 144 kilos. It has a carbon fiber frame, brakes of ceramic matrix composite material and a specially tuned Öhlins suspension, which is often used in MotoGP competitions.

1Ecosse Titanio Series FE Ti XX – USD 300,000

Of the most expensive motorcycle in the world, only thirteen units have been built. Brad Pitt is one of its exclusive buyers. It is the first motorcycle in the world made of titanium. It exhibits a high degree of personalization, with some compositions made and painted by hand. It has a 250 horsepower engine, it springs from the latest technology and a design made of carbon fiber and aluminum, two exotic materials. As exclusive details, we can distinguish the Italian leather of the firm Berlutti that covers the seat and the exhaust pipes that end with refined ceramics.

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