Ant Man Action Shots
Ant Man Action Shots

Before the premiere of Ant-Man and The Wasp the great doubt about its release had no relation with its history, but pointed to how the film would connect with the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Of course, the action carried out by Thanos, by eliminating half of the beings in the universe, is a point too relevant for this situation to be addressed for the film.

However, the play of the sequel, and that defines its option to focus as a proposal that stands on its own, almost completely leaves aside the connection of its events with the “Thanos’ snap”. In fact, they will have to wait almost the entire film to see how the life of Scott Lang and company has progressed since the giant intervention of the Ant Man in Captain America: Civil War.

Spoilers below.

After all the action that takes place to rescue Janet Van Dyne, the post-credits scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp presents Scott Lang back in the Quantum Kingdom, collecting energy to help Ghost. There, in the midst of Janet’s warnings, Ant-Man loses communication with his friends. Hank, Hope and Janet have been transformed into dust, being eliminated from existence, leaving Scott trapped in that subatomic reality.

Keep in mind that in comics, the Quantum Kingdom, also known as the “Microverse”, is a gateway to another universe, settling as an unexplored dimension where space and time do not run. In movies, that place can be accessed by dwarfing subatomic thanks to Pym Particles.

In the movies, in addition, it is a kind of lost place since it is there where Hank Pym lost his wife, Janet van Dyne, during a rescue operation, where the Wasp was reduced to subatomic size to disable a missile. But obviously Hank Pym acceded to that place to save his daughter, which gives Hank new hope to find Janet.

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That mission is the heart of Ant-Man and the Wasp where it is announced that the Quantum Kingdom has effects on all those who have been exposed for too long. In addition, the film establishes a technological development to create a quantum tunnel that they place in the back of a van.

Returning to the post-credits scene, just before turning to dust, Jnet warns Scott Lang: he must be careful about touching a temporary flow or, otherwise, he could end up losing himself forever. And that simple phrase is a key that serves to speculate with the importance of the Quantum Kingdom regarding the future of what is coming in The Avengers 4.

Ant-man and Tony Stark with a Captain America with the costume of the first Avengers.
Ant-man and Tony Stark with a Captain America with the costume of the first Avengers.

Through multiple photos leaked from the film set, it is clear that Ant-Man and an older Tony Stark will interact with the rest of the Avengers, but in sequences located during the events of “The Battle of New York” in the first film of Los Angeles. Avengers When seeing Ant-Man in those scenes, for months it has been speculated that time travel would be a key to defeating Thanos.

Our theory suggests that Ant-Man could be trapped in a vortex, reappearing in the future of the Marvel universe and seeing the consequences of Thanos’s actions in society. That is, we will see a future that should be avoided.

Not only will The Avengers 4 involve 16-year-old actress  Emma Fuhrmann playing a teenage Cassie Lang at the close of Marvel Studios’ third phase, but Gwyneth Paltrow also revealed that Tony and Pepper Potts will be married and have a child. These data imply that we will see yes or yes a leap of time in the MCU.

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With a Doctor Strange turned to dust, and the gem of time held by Thanos, the Quantum Kingdom is the great candidate for that tragic future to be avoided. Badly bad, the film starring Benedict Cumberbatch presented a brief sequence in which Strange accesses Quantum Realm during the psychedelic space-time journey that drives The Ancient One.

In that sense, it is not unreasonable to think that Pym particle technology could also lead to a trip to the past, giving rise to the biggest rumor that has been revolving around The Avengers 4: there will be a search for the gems of infinity before that these fall into the hands of the crazy titan.

At the same time, the Quantum Kingdom could even become a key to access other realities, such as the one that exists inside the Soul Gem, since that is where Gamora’s soul is found after his death in Infinity War. In comics, for example, Thanos absorbs heroes to the reality contained within the gem of the soul, but during the events of the Infinity Gauntlet, characters such as Adam Warlock managed to escape. So it is not unreasonable to think that Gamora can leave the Soul World.

All the above is a speculation, but Kevin Feige himself has remarked that the Quantum Kingdom will be very important. In that sense, and for the cinematographic adaptation, that subatomic reality opens infinite possibilities of stories, transforming the smallest superhero in the world into one of the most important ones to find, as Doctor Strange remarks, that only option that the Heroes to defeat Thanos and save the universe.

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