Game of Thrones spin-offs
Game of Thrones spin-offs

After months of rumors and a long wait, HBO confirmed that they have commissioned a pilot episode of what they seek to be the first spin-off of the successful ‘Game of Thrones’. As we know, HBO had already anticipated that they were working with various writers, all supervised by George RR Martin, in four possible spin-offs of the saga.

The details are still very scarce, but at least we already have a synopsis / description to know where the shots will go: “The series narrates the descent of the world from the Age of Heroes to the darkest hour, and here only one thing is sure: from the horrifying secrets of the history of Westeros, to the true origin of white walkers, through the mysteries of the East and the legendary Stark… this is not the story we think we know.

It would be a year after the end of ‘Game of Thrones’

This spin-off was written by Jane Goldman (‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’, ‘X-Men: First Class‘, ‘Kick-Ass’) with the help of Martin, which will take place thousands of years before the events of ‘Game of Thrones’, so we are not expected to see the characters we all know.

The story will be divided into several sites with several plots that happen at the same time, where the promise is that we will be facing a dark aesthetic and full of death. According to Martin’s books, ‘Age of Heroes‘ began 10,000 years before the ‘Game of Thrones’ events, and this was before and serves as an introduction to ‘Long Night‘, where winter lasted an entire generation and He carried out the greatest battle against the White Walkers, ‘War for the Dawn’.

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Some of the characters that could appear in this spin-off are ‘Bran Stark (The Builder)‘, founder of the Stark House and supervisor of the construction of ‘The Wall’ and ‘Winterfell, as well as’Lann the Clever‘, who He was the founder of Casa Lannister.

This new spin-off still has no official title and there is no guarantee that it will become a reality, here we must remember that the pilot must first be approved in order to start a production. Here both David Benioff and Dan Weiss, current showrunners of ‘Game of Thrones’ and who have agreed to take over the new trilogy of Star Wars, decided not to participate in this new spin-off and everything will be in the hands of Martin himself, who will be producer of the series, and Jane Goldman, who in addition to screenwriter will be showrunner.

HBO assures that this spin-off will not appear until the end of ‘Game of Thrones’ and after that we’ll have to wait at least another year. So, if we do accounts and everything goes well, this spin-off should be on air in 2020, at best.

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