Kylie Jenner Is Most Valuable Instagram Celebrity
Kylie Jenner Is Most Valuable Instagram Celebrity

Kylie Jenner is the queen of social networks.

Yes, the younger sister of the famous clan Kardashian-Jenner was established as the personality on Instagram whose posts or publications have the highest or highest value. That is, Kylie will be the youngest of the famous family, but it is the best paid for the ads published on their networks.

According to a report, from a firm that analyzes social networks, D’Marie Analytics, – and that reproduces the People magazine portal – Jenner is the number one in the family to grow its value on that platform. That is, “to grow its equivalent value per ad to more than $ 1,000,000 per post, through its portfolio in social networks.”

But what does this mean? The report states that each ad under the hashtag #sponsored (#auspiciado) or #ad (#announcio) in an Instagram post, Snapchat or a Kylie tweet has a value equivalent to $ 1 million, compared to a traditional ad. This, for the large number of users who follow it and their high engagement.

If we make a comparison, People exposes that a 30-second ad that was aired during the Super Bowl this year, 2018, cost about $ 5 million. This so that you have an idea.

One fact that stands out is the fact that the analysis firm indicates that Jenner’s role in the network is influencer or influential person. They even name it “the most valuable influence currently in social networks”. Place, which according to People , was previously occupied by Beyoncé and although Kim Kardashian has more followers than Kylie, fans of Travis Scott’s girlfriend have more interaction with their posts and thus achieve greater impressions and engagement.

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