The market of users who have Windows on a mobile phone is almost anecdotal but this small percentage, if we compare it with Android or iOS, does not justify that they have to be evicted by some developers who stop offering improvements or support in their applications.

This is especially evident with the most popular ones. Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, WhatsApp… and with this last one we are staying, because they continue to improve their Windows Phone applicationwith specific updates that seek to equip it with the iOS and Android versions. Ok… they arrive later, but at least they arrive that is the important thing.

It arrives later, but arrives

And is that after being available for iOS and Android, now comes to Windows mobile the function of sharing your location in real time. This is an improvement that was already available WhatsApp Beta and now reaches all users of the popular messaging application.


The version is number 2.18.126 and thanks to it we can share our location in real time with our contacts, either individually or in groups and for a certain time that we can decide. In addition and for more security, this new feature of WhatsApp is encrypted from end to end.

To share your location in real time with WhatsApp, all you have to do is open the chat of a contact or group and tap Attach> Location. There we will see the new option Location in real time. Our location will stop sharing when it reaches the time we have set or if at any time we click on the option to stop sharing.

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If you do not have it installed, which we doubt, the application can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store in the link that you have at the end of the article.

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